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Congrats on the baby! Celebrate the birth of your newly born child by gracing him or her with a maternity shoot. New born baby photography is something a child serves upon his or arrival!

Pictures capture our memories and tell the story of our lives. Summer Studios specializes in beautiful, high quality, newborn photography in a hospital setting. Summer Studios is dedicated to capturing the memories of those first wonderful moments with a baby.

Summer Studios bring experienced, professional photographers into the hospitals to capture your baby’s first photograph with a natural, artistic style. We believe that babies look the most beautiful when being held in their parents’ arms or cuddled in one of their own baby blankets. Summer Studios  captures this beauty by using only “real things”…natural window light, professional photographers and professional grade SLR digital cameras.

Newborns aren’t the only subject we love to photograph… we love to capture all of the milestones of family life. Using a photojournalistic style approach to photography, Summer Studios, New Born capture your baby learning to stand, your 5-year old riding his bike with no training wheels, and your teenager’s last photograph before she becomes an adult. 

We look forward to working with you and to capturing photographs that show the “real” beauty of your family.

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