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Special Dinner at Restaurant,

Are you the type that prefers a more intimate setting such as your homes or a nice restaurant to celebrate your birthday? Either you want to celebrate this day at your home or an event hall or a fancy restaurant, we can be there! No need to worry! We will cover your special day with your loved ones. You can make this day a memorable one by calling Summer Studios!

Parties are often a swirl of activity, and before you know it all the good times are winding down and you didn’t have any photos taken. We know there are moments at your parties that you don’t want to forget and don’t want to bothered with capturing – that’s where we come in. We document your parties in their entirety and ensure that the passion and joy at your event shines through in every single image.

Our highly experienced Special Dinner photography team is equipped to cater to any event, be it birthday coverage, nightlife, award ceremony, dinner and dance, festival, corporate event and more! We have the honour of covering large scale events, you can contact us for more details.

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